Sunday, May 22, 2005

The return of Homespun Bloggers Radio

One of the recent features of the Homespun Bloggers is "Homespun Bloggers Radio". You can click here to listen to the most recent 2 shows, or here to hear the four shows before that. (You can always find these links on the right-side bar as well. Scroll farther down to the archives to download the shows for playing later.)

One thing you'll notice is that it's been a little while since our last show. Near the end of the school year, time gets tight for folks, so we've taken a little time off. However, I'd like to get this project back up and running again. When we started HBR, there were slightly under 100 total Homespun Bloggers. Now that there are over 200, we can have an even larger group of contributors (meaning less of a time impact on each of us).

I'm excited about having more folks as part of the project. So, if you have a microphone attached to your PC, and you're not afraid to use it >grin<, listen in on a few shows and get a feel for what we've done in the past. Once you're familiar with that, feel free to break all the rules. :) So far we've had straight commentary, audio fisking, and even music, but while we need more of that, let's not stop there. I'm open to hear folks want to do with this. We're in early enough stages that we can open it up and find out what works and what doesn't. So far, most of our commentary has been from center-right bloggers; a natural consequence of the fact that most Homespun Bloggers are center-right. However, HBR is open to all contributors, regardless of position. (The usual disclaimers about hate speech, illegal speech, etc. do apply, however.)

Send me an E-mail at "frodo (at) thepaytons (dot) org" and I'll put you on the mailing list. This is not a commitment, just an expression of interest. The only requirement is that you be an actual Homespun Blogger. (If you'd like to participate but aren't a member, there's a great incentive!) If you're interested but don't know how to record an audio file, start here and you can direct further questions to me at the aforementioned E-mail address.

Current HBR folks: You too. >grin< Let's bring this back bigger than before.

Doug Payton

UPDATE: Our network had some connectivity issues recently. If you tried to listen to the feed but were unable to, please try again. Sorry.