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Best Of Homespun Bloggers February 26th, 2006

Little Bit Tired, Little Bit Worn

Islamic Terror Pays dividends In Germany

Germany, weather they know it or not, has become a victim of black-mail.

Much of Islam has managed to turn itself into a victim while at the same time perpetrating perpetual acts of violence all across the globe.

Successfully having become both the offended and the offender at the same time.

Conservative Cat

Laura Talks to Jim Glassman About the Ports

Today on Laura Ingraham's show she had a long discussion with Jim Glassman about this column in which he said some pretty nasty things about people who oppose the sale of six U.S. ports to Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. Despite Laura's initial anger, the conversation ended on a fairly friendly note.


Support Denmark

Like I said, I think it's rather rude to insult one's religion. Over the past few weeks (or however long this crap has been going on) I've been telling myself that I have not posted the cartoons for this very reason. However, as I've given the issue more thought it has occurred to me that I may very well be using politeness as a weak excuse. The thing that really brought this to mind was seeing this shirt (which I mentioned previously). I went through the thought process of I-want-one --> No-that-would-be-rude-to-innocent-Muslims --> Am-I-really-just-afraid-to-wear-it? So, while I may not spend the $19 to buy the shirt I will post the cartoons here because I think the principle of free speech, in this specific case*, trumps that of minding my P's and Q's. As things stand, if you are Muslim and offended by what follows please feel free to let me know that you're angry. But please include a statement that indicates that while you disagree with what I say you would be will to defend to the death my right to say it (and remember that the 'West' is not the first to produce such images).

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Best Of Homespun Bloggers February 19th, 2006

Ales Rarus

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

How should Christians interact with secular government? Before one can argue that an act is wrong, though, one must define wrong. You cannot define a right to perform a wrong action, or lack thereof, until there is agreement of what is wrong. Who defines right and wrong? Should laws only pertain to those rights and wrongs that are nearly universally agreed to or should a mere plurality or majority of the
electorate be allowed determine right and wrong for the remainder?

Little Bit Tired, Little Bit Worn

Weed Out Textbooks Offensive To Muslims

Does the Muslim find anything deserving of respect homosexuality? No, they view homosexuality much they way I as a Christian do. So supposing a Muslim cartoonist created a cartoon which homosexuals found offensive and disrespectful and some violent group of homosexuals rose up and began taking the lives of Muslims and destroying Muslim owned property, all the while demanding an apology, respect and tolerance.

Mover Mike

The Leftist Rogue Weasels of the CIA

There are those who will talk, accomodate, and appease and are not happy with the war on terrorism.


Election Year Politics

The other day I had occasion to rip a bit of proposed legislation suggested by Gov. Rell concerning taxes. Now the powers that be have had a "summit" to address the issue of increasing violence in Connecticut, specifically gun violence. There were not a ton of details in the articles I found, but the general consensus appears to be that the black market has been "flooded" with guns, which is leading to violence (pay no attention to the violent criminals behind the curtain!).

Monday, February 13, 2006

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Best Of Homespun Bloggers February 12th, 2006

Bill Karl

If Democrats wrote the reviews for Brokeback mountain

"Pack up the family for a joy ride they'll never forget!"

-- Nancy Pelosi


"Cutting Edge" Medicine

First it was clean needles so junkies could kill themselves in a sanitary manner. Now, there's a proposal that self-abusers be given clean razor blades with which to cut themselves.

Ales Rarus

Why Is Prostitution Illegal?

Did you ever stop to wonder why prostitution is illegal? I did. Aside from explicitly religious moral reasons, I can’t see why it is.

Pick your jaw off the floor. Got it? OK, then, I’ll continue.

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of it, what is a prostitute doing? She…I know men prostitute themselves, too, but definite pronouns are less confusing…She is selling the use of her body for a span of time. Why is that illegal? It’s her body. It’s not like there isn’t legal precedence for it.


Not a good use of resources

I am watching the Senate’s Energy Committee debate the ‘07 Budget on C-SPAN and Samuel Bodman (Energy Secretary) just came up with a classic line, describing the use of natural gas to generate energy.

Bodman noted that doing so is like, “washing your dishes with good scotch.” Definitely not a good use of resources.

We’re literally awash in coal and uranium in North America and we’re running short of natural gas (primarily because we are using it for electricity generation and we refuse to drill in places like ANWR and offshore in California) but we’re still permitting and building new gas generation facilities.


BS Meter In The Red

This article starts out sounding absolutely great (if, like me, you happen to be a small government type):

Gov. M. Jodi Rell wants to eliminate municipal car taxes and cut the state's public utility taxes by 25 percent, two moves she says will save Connecticut residents millions of dollars a year.
I mean, jeeze. I only pay a few hundred dollars a year between car and utility taxes so I'm expecting a serious check.


My Name is Diana and I am an addict!

My son turned me on to it. Now I can't get through a day without it. I can't get anything done. Communication is breaking down with my friends and family members. I spend all day in my room and rarely come out.

The Farce Report

Kansas DNA Sampling Bill May Evolve into Something Bad

Here's a DNA sampling bill currently being processed in the State of Kansas; it's one flavor among many across the United States. Presently, five states have mandatory DNA swabbing procedures for arrested individuals, and each state has different actions in disposing of samples when charges are dropped (or in the event of an acquittal).

Libertarian Leanings

Cherry Picking

The Washington Post drags out yet another former government
official with an axe to grind.


Real Citizen Journalship

So, decided for the hey of it to go get close to that brush fire, and post the pics. And, here they are, in reverse order because I messed up the upload.

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The (not so) Daily Me

Fact or Belief?

Nate Keller (a.k.a. theotherside or countrytech) is a graphics designer who describes himself as a high-tech redneck. He blogs at The Fine Coffee Aficionado. He is one of the leading members of MennoDiscuss. Some of his interests are graphics, computers, anything related to Cabela's, racing, Jeff Foxworthy, truck & tractor pulling, deep sea fishing, boating, and hosting LAN parties.

Collecting My Thoughts

2067 Young People in Debt

This morning I read a book review of Tamara Draut's "Strapped." Draut says that today's young adult children of the baby boomer generation can't get ahead financially because of astronomical student debts, depressed wages, rising health care costs and soaring property values. The solutions offered by some young adults are silly and counterproductive--"the government should do something."

The View from the Firehouse

How did Judas Die?

For some odd reason I’ve been thinking about the so called contradiction between Matthew’s telling of Judas’s death and Luke’s telling of it in Acts.


Our Current Culture: Give Us Rights Without Responsibilities

This morning on my way to work, I was listening to the Scott and Casey Show on KTRS. The subject was the case of aTarget pharmacist in St. Charles, MO who was fired not because she refused to fill prescriptions for Plan B, the "morning after pill", but because she refused to refer patients to someone else who could fill it.

Tidbits And Treasures

United, We Stand - Divided, We Fall

One of the most quoted Aesop fables, I suppose, is 'united we stand; divided we fall'. I've often heard 'a family that prays together stays together'. That sort of fits right in with united and divided.

Once More Into the Breach

Judge Cashman and the Restorative Justice Movement

Judge Cashman who originally gave a sentence of 60 days to a child rapist has been a participant in a new justice philosophy called Restorative Justice.

Grizzly Mama

Grizzly Report: National Rally Against Islamofascism Day

The Troll and I participated in the rally in Pennsylvania on February 1, 2006. The United American Committee (UAC) held a rally nationwide protesting Islamofascism. Well - of COURSE we had to be there. We don't like Islamofascism - not one tiny little bit!

Stop The ACLU


The Washington Post reported on Monday about five States that wanting to ban funeral protests.