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Best Of Homespun Bloggers August 21st, 2004

The View from the Firehouse

In Response

It the easiest thing in the world to say you're a Christian, but to get up everyday and "walk the walk" can be one of the hardest. When Jesus says lose your life He not talking about death, He saying deny yourself what the world has to offer and follow me. Luke 12 says:


USA Rulz

I am mystified as to what is happening in our sweet home here in The

Righting America

Soldier Schools Matt Lauer of the TODAY SHOW

Ah, the arrogance of the Liberal Media. It never ceases to amaze (and amuse) me.

Yesterday morning, The Today Show made a surprise live broadcast from Iraq with their leading Liberal, Matt Lauer - who showed the comfortable and all-too-familiar ignorance of his profession while interviewing a soldier in-country. Although the topic of the interview was supposed to be an upcoming "teddy-bear drop" for the Iraqi children, Matt decided to get cute.

Mr. Lauer, in an interview with Captain Sherman Powell, seemed to anticipate very different answers from the young officer when he asked his leading questions…


Kelo v. New London

Looks like Kelo v. New London may have finally lit a fire under some heretofore immovable bottoms and property rights may become a serious issue in the upcoming election.


Shoot To Kill In London

I've been meaning to get to this since I heard about the new information that has come to light in the case of Jean Charles de Menezes, who was shot and killed by London police. It would seem that the powers-that-be in London decided to make the unforgivable mistake of covering up the truth. The thing of it is that the truth has a way of making its way to the light, and when it does those involved in the cover-up should not be forgiven (a la Richard Nixon).

spinbadz own

Grayladystan loserspeak

Behold the Republican president as seen through smug hallucinating eyes in the Willywonka chocolateworld that is modern Grayladystan.

These are the same people who loudly and endlessly opposed Bush's election, then his tax deductions, his Kyoto perception, his interventions, his road map, his re-election and all that was and is germane to his foreign policy and very governance.

Who poked fun at his intellect, and knives at his motives, his backers, his every move. All the while failing to raise anything like the same level of hyperbolic malice against random baby- and mother-slaying, atavistic religious tyranny, neanderthal female subjugation, and rank bigotry and chauvinism (except to the extent that it is Bush's fault that such threats hover over Iraq).

Don't Let Me Stop You

Another Manhole Fire

In Boston on the bus from the hotel to the train station the driver
had the radio playing. The newscaster said, "... and there's another
manhole fire in the North End." This struck us as peculiar. We'd
never heard of a manhole fire before, but apparently in Boston
they're an everyday thing, as common as threatening messages from

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Homespun Bloggers Radio, Program #8, released!

It's time for another edition of Homespun Bloggers Radio. Listen in to hear three of our Homespun Bloggers make their voices heard.
  • Bob James, of the blog CrosSwords, suggests that a little perspective is in order for folks who are criticizing the delay in creating a new Iraqi Constitution.
  • Doug Payton, of Considerettes, hits the talk radio show circuit (i.e. he calls in to a couple of shows and has the audio).
  • Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium notes that Tony Blair is deporting jihadists and taking names, and British bloggers are holding folks' feet to the fire.

Click here to listen or on the "Homespun Bloggers Radio" button to the right. The current audio feed is a loop of shows #7 & #8. Also, you can click here to download a high-quality version of the show. (Scroll down on the right side to download previous shows.) The 3 previous shows can also be heard by clicking here or on "Previous Show(s)" beneath the HBR button.

Homespun Bloggers: If you're interested in participating, E-mail me at "frodo at thepaytons dot org". It's open to all members. All you need is a PC and a microphone!

Visitors: If you'd like to get on the air with HBR, just join our band of bloggers and you're eligible. (And immediately getting over 200 links to your own blog ain't so bad either!)

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Best Of Homespun Bloggers August 14th, 2005

Righting America

"Able Danger" - Liberal Silence is Deafening

Ever notice how Liberals (and extreme Conservatives, to be fair) CLAM UP when there is a story that derails much of their past rhetoric? Enter the revelations of a little known military intelligence unit, "Able Danger."

If you are a Liberal reading this for the first time here, I am not surprised. It turns out that the Clinton administration, the FBI and the Pentagon all chose NOT to listen to information that was being presented to them, by this military intel unit, that included the names of at least FOUR 9-11 HIJACKERS - including Mohamed Atta.


Super Sized Lie reprised

A little while back, I posted a note about Morgan Spurlockÿs purposefully misleading screed against McDonalds, ´Super Size Me´. The short and sweet version was that Spurlock massively ramped up the number of calories that he ingested - to approximately 5,000 each day and then purposefully limited his physical activity. Not surprisingly, Spurlock gained weight.

I am reprising the story here, however, because another person has recently engaged in a McDonalds only diet and came up with significantly different results.

spinbadz own

The noughties oil shock

Japanese who are old enough to remember sometimes refer, with disquiet, to the "oil shock" of the '70s. The impact of that event there may have been much more profound than it was in other first world countries.

The flowering in Japan of nuclear power stations, it's go-lightly approach in diplomatic relations with OPEC, the fortune spent on obtaining coal, the societal attention to energy conservation - all these things have a range of possible explanations. The residual oil shock mentality in a country of limited mineral resources can be argued to be a pervasive driver.

Are we in the west currently going through another oil shock? Can we learn from Japan in dealing with it?


Jersey: Worker's Paradise


Court overturns ruling allowing ship's captain to carry a gun

A state appeals court has reversed a ruling by a Warren County judge that allowed a sea captain to carry a gun while guiding ships along the New Jersey coast.
But the New Jersey Superior Court's appellate division found that the judge erred when he determined that Atanasio met the "justifiable need" requirement to carry a concealed firearm. The appeals court noted that apprehension by people who work around potential terrorist targets is not enough to allow them to carry a firearm.

On Cindy Sheehan and Sir Winston Churchill

Cindy Sheehan claims that she wants the troops brought home now so that no other mothers must suffer as she has. On this I have two comments...

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Best Of Homespun Bloggers August 7th, 2005


Steve Benson, CAIR and the 1st Amendment

For those who missed it, Steve Benson (an Arizona Republic political cartoonist) published a cartoon recently that has captured the attention of local Muslim activists ... To put it simply, the claim that the cartoon was a direct attack on Muslims or their places of worship was outrageous ... Muslim voices (whether moderate or fundamentalist) have not been silenced by Bensonÿs cartoon, to claim otherwise is an attempt to remove freedoms from Benson that they are claiming to possess. Once again, you cannot claim a right to infringe on a right - freedoms and rights are generic; they apply to everyone, equally. While they may not like Bensonÿs representation of their reaction to the terrorist activities of some Muslims, American Muslims need to remember that in America people have a right to say things, even if they donÿt like them.

We donÿt operate under Sharia law here and noone who appreciates the 1st Amendment is going to outlaw speech whether it is in favor of, or against, Allah/Mohammed/Islam.

spinbadz own

Galloway's latest treason

Rodents like London mayor Livingstone and Galloway, he more so than Livingstone, are carriers of the decay that incubates British-born and based terrorists, and of the malady that forces London subway commuters to question the capacity of their own protectorate to simply tide them to work and play without being slaughtered in and on their own tracks.

Galloway has offered himself as a symbol, and must burn as such.

The 9/11 carnage was symbolism via television, as are the threatening video tapes by angry men in black turbans, the turban colour itself symbolising a man at war.

The British commuter of August, 2005, she with her cane, he with his toddler and Harry Potter story book, are only too aware that life-snuffing immolation at the altar of Salafist symbolism may be an instant away.

So when a representative of one's own troops and people stands before them and the enemy cheering on the latter and denigrating the former, let's not pretend this not to be a dangerous symbol, maliciously crafted in a time of war.

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Homespun Blogger Symposium XXXI

Sorry for the late post, but yesterday just got away from me. I guess I should be playing far less "Doom 3" these days...but it's just so addictive.

In any event, I was at a loss for a topic this week, but I think I've finally come up with one. Hopefully you'll agree that it's a good one to discuss.

Back in June, you probably heard about a story from Camden, NJ where three young boys were found dead in the trunk of a Toyota after having gone missing. Here's a link to an updated story that should provide you enough background to formulate an opinion on this story. 1010 WINS New York's All News Station...

This story not only discusses the incident, but the legal actions that one of the dead boy's parents intend to follow through with. Here are some questions for you out there in the blogosphere...

1. Who is ultimately responsible for the loss of these three children?

2. Do you believe that the police were at all responsible for not finding the children in time? (It's hinted that on of the parents has decided to sue the City of Camden New Jersey)

3. Do you believe that auto manufacturers are responsible for providing additional safety features that would prevent this type of tragedy in the future? (They've also been named as potential litigants in this case.)

4. Why do you think that if this parent feels so strongly about going after the "wrongdoers" in this case, why doesn't he try to sue the parents of the other children lost in the incident?

As always, please feel free to use as many or as few words to respond.

See you on the high ground.


The Respondents

Cursed by a Classical Education

Cross Blogging

Dane Bramage

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Best Of Homespun Bloggers July 31th, 2005

The Redhunter

A Line in the Sand

This past Thursday evening I was honored to host at my home Chris Missick, author of the A Line in the Sand blog, and two of his friends; Kyle Rodgers and Ryan Albaugh. Ryan served with Chris in Iraq, while Kyle is acting as videographer and technical advisor (they're live-blogging the tour, as well as recording much of it).

Chris served in Iraq from March 2004-March 2005 as part of 319th Signal Battalion. While in-theater, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant, and was the "2004 Soldier of the Year". Now in the reserves, he starts law school next month.


Good News In New London

It looks like the NLDC has seen the light...or at least bowed to public pressure:

New London — The president of the New London Development Corp. said Monday the agency will bow to the wishes of the state and allow houses in the Fort Trumbull neighborhood to stand while the legislature considers changing state law to limit the power of eminent domain.
Of course, it's also possible that they have 'decided' to hold back because of the Petition for Reconsideration filed by the IJ which, I believe, precludes any action until it has been dealt with on February 22.

Blog d'Elisson

Panem et Circenses

“The people who have conquered the world have only two interests – bread and circuses” - /Decimus Junius Juvenalis/

Feed ’em so they don’t starve, and keep ’em entertained...and you won’t have to worry about public unrest. It was true in Roman times, and it’s at least as valid today.

Cursed by a Classical Education

Raising the Age Bar for Military Recruiting
Excerpt: The Pentagon is working hard to meet the needs for our armed forces globally, now advocating raising the maximum enlistment age to 42. Take a look at what MajorDad1984 has to say on this important topic...

Don't Let Me Stop You

Hidden Eminent Domain Abuse

The Omaha World Herald reports that the University of Nebraska Foundation is reassuring people that it doesn't plan to use eminent domain. Thanks to the recent, appalling SCOTUS decision in Kelo v New London legalizing property theft through eminent domain, everyone knows the bar is set low now.

There's more than one way to skin a cat, so the developers are just "mentioning" the possibility that eminent domain might be used in the future. Several owners perceived the implicit threat and complained...


Cause for pause

Here’s a good reason to wait a little bit before swallowing the findings in the ‘latest’ research.
When reading the medical news, you might want to start asking for a second opinion. A report in this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that it is not unusual for medical studies to contradict one another:
16% of highly-cited original clinical studies were contradicted by subsequent ones, and another 16% were shown by later trials to have overstated results...
Wasn’t it the JAMA that was publishing all of the anti-gun studies?