Monday, December 27, 2004

Murphy's Law is alive and well

Just as I went out of town for Christmas, the audio server for Homespun Blogger's Radio seized up. I've returned and straightened things out, so for those of you who tried but couldn't connect, please give it another shot. You can click here or on the HBR button on the right to start the audio stream. Alternately, you can click on a link farther down to download a CD-quality version of the show to your hard drive for listening to later. Enjoy!

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Best Of Homespun Bloggers December 26th, 2004

First off, Merry Christmas! This week has been a slow one in the Blogosphere with all the holiday preparations and parties. I'm glad to see that many bloggers are taking it easy and hope that everyone is enjoying time with their families. Check back next week when the Homespuners are blogging at full strength.


The Commons at Paulie World

American Imperialist Power

Weekend Pundit

The Weekend Pundit, one of my daily reads, has an interesting post about the use of American might. The breadth of American might can only recall the Roman Legions in their world-spanning might. Neither the British nor the Mongols had the capacity to wage war in so many areas with so much brute force. Nor, one might say, with such disregard for military conquest (let's focus on the 20th & 21st centuries here, critics).


The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but why?

First things first - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Homespun Bloggers and readers!

Now, on to politics. I was just leafing through my November copy of the Fraser Forum and came across Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuisÿs article on the growing economic gap between Alberta and Saskatchewan. Clemens and Veldhius make a clear (and accurate case) that the reason for the growing gap lies squarely in the choices the two populations have made between market-oriented and socialist economic policies.


Out of Control

Yet another symptom of the PC disease:

Rossford High School officials were considering letting a Christian rock band play during an anti-drug assembly next week, but decided yesterday to cancel the performance because of concerns over having religious music played in a public school.
Yeah, those Christian rockers...what a bunch of bad apples.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

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Homespun Bloggers Radio, Program #2 released!

We've started to branch out a bit in today's Homespun Bloggers Radio program. Along with the usual commentary, this show also has an "audio fisking" and a musical tribute to the troops out there on the front lines this Christmas. Featured Homespun Bloggers include; Mike from "Bunker Mulligan", Marty from "Never Sway", and yours truly, Doug from "Considerettes". Click here to start listening to "Homespun Bloggers Radio". (And the HBR button to the right will always get the current stream as well; no need to find this post.)

The "Current Show(s)" link on the right has both shows now running in a loop, and down below under "Homespun Bloggers Radio Archive", clicking on "Show 2" will allow you to download the program in CD-quality sound.

Listen in and let folks know about this. Again, the instructions for putting an HBR button on your site are here.

Enjoy the show!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Homespun Symposium VI

For our sixth installment of the Homespun Bloggers' Symposium, our question comes from Ken at Esoteric * Diatribe. As with each week, when you respond on your blog, email marvin at marvinhutchens dot com with the link and it'll be included here.

This week's questions (and intro from Ken):

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld now finds himself in the midst of the bitter and often cruel politics which have become a hallmark of the D.C. political landscape. In the past few weeks Rumsfeld has weathered criticism over his handling of the ambush-like question planted by a reporter during a question and answer session with the troops, the defense secretary has received harsh indictments from the likes of John McCain and Trent Lott, and Rumsfeld has endured embarassing exposés fueled by Pentagon leaks.

Is all the controversy surrounding Rumsfeld justified? In your opinion, are these attacks on the defense secretary fair? And finally - borrowing a slightly modified line from The Clash - should he (Rumsfield) stay or should he go now?


Homespun Responses

Little Red Blog
Being Thomas Luongo
The Redhunter
Major Dad 1984
Esoteric * Diatribe
Ogre's Politics and Views
The Commons at Paulie World
Dagney's Rant

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Best Of Homespun Bloggers, December 19th, 2004


I was very disturbed to see this story today (via Say Anything):

(12-15) 17:14 PST SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- San Francisco supervisors want voters to approve a sweeping handgun ban that would prohibit almost everyone except law enforcement officers, security guards and military members from possessing firearms in the city.
Here's why...


Jihad Fellow Travelers

One more question for the ACLU executive director, Mr. Romero, if you had to choose to be in the custody of either the US Marines or a band of terrorists, which would you prefer? If you really think the Marines are so cruel and awful you have to choose the terrorists. If it comes to that, I suggest you wear an armor plated necktie.


Hail The Victorious Dead

King Theoden begins the feast with a toast in which all the hall joins: "Hail the victorious dead." What a foreign concept that's become to so many of us! "To hail" is to show honor and gratitude and deference, and a substantial portion of our populace appears incapable of doing that anymore, especially as regards our military...What a great loss it would be if we forgot how to honor our heroes.

Mad Poets Anonymous

Gmail, PGP, and the End to End Solution

Yeah, I should be studying. But before I head to the library to piece together my responses to the other two possible questions on the ethics exam I'll be taking tomorrow, I thought I'd perform a public service by explaining briefly how to get PGP working with Gmail using free tools. That's right. You can protect your privacy using free tools with Gmail.


An interesting legal issue

Now that homosexual couples in Massachussetts can marry, several companies are changing the way they view unmarried homosexual couples.

According to the Boston Globe, as well as a few other gay news sources, several companies, including IBM Corp, the Boston Medical Center, and the New York Times Co., are removing benefits for unmarried homosexual partners:
"If you're a same-sex domestic partner, you now have the same option heterosexuals have, so we have to apply the same rules to you," said Larry Emerson, Baystate's vice president of human resources.
This could be one of those classic cases where the saying "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it" applies in spades.

The Bull Speaks!

Bad Hips and Doctor Dogs

"... I say here that I’m coming close to believing that my Shih Tzus, especially “Max", have a well developed nose for what ails me and knows how to best relieve my pain. On certain kinds of pain I suffer, Max is more effective than the meds I take."

Yelling at the Windshield

Fisking Michael Moore

One sign of Moore's extremism is that he completely shuns and belittles any maleness demonstrated by anyone on the political stage (consider Moore himself--as much of a political eunich as we have ever had).

The Colossus

Captain Ed has seen the future, and it looks like middle management. Seriously, do all these new intelligence jobs really add anything? I can think of a few guys I'd hire before I'd add another manager.

Red Hunter

Humvee Armor and the Secretary

...from most of what I read the Pentagon is and has been trying to get armor on the Humvees and trucks. Have their been mistakes, and should the job have been done faster and better? Perhaps so.

However, we need to put all this in the perspective of history. And if we take a little trip back through time, here are some things that we discover:


All We Want for Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, the house seemed so sad,
Early this year, this family lost "Dad."
He'd been a soldier, in Afghanistan serving,
To help people live free, now thankful, deserving.

His wife and the kids have cried a river of tears,
They had known this could happen, through all of the years.
It's a dangerous business, no place for wimps.
Some don't come home, some others with limps.


Monday, December 13, 2004

Homespun Symposium V

For our fifth installment of the Homespun Bloggers' Symposium, our question comes from Marc at Hubs and Spokes. As with each week, when you respond on your blog, email marvin at marvinhutchens dot com with the link and it'll be included here.

This week's questions:

What do you believe is necessarry for true racial reconciliation to take place in American society? Does your solution involve coercive governmental remedies? Do you believe that Churches have an important role to play in this process?


Homespun Symposium Responses

Dagney's Rant
Mud and Phud
A Physicist's Perspective
Bunker Mulligan
Weapon of Mass Distraction
Ogre's Politics and Views
The Commons at Paulie World.... by Paulie
Major Dad 1984
Little Red Blog
The Redhunter
Mad Poets Anonymous

Weblog Awards

Well, the voting for this year's Weblog Awards is closed. Congratualtions to all the Homespun Bloggers who were nominated. And a special congrats to Patterico who, baring some last-minute vote adjustments, took first place in the Best of the Top 100 - 250 Blogs category!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

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Homespun Bloggers Best Of December 12th, 2004


Faith In Action

Notice the contrast. A US Marine, motivated by his faith, walks down the hall of the ward where insurgents are being tended by US Military doctors, he prays for them, he forgives them.
Imagine if the situation were reversed. Imagine a US Marine wounded, would the insurgents (better known as terrorists) tend to him in their hospital?


I take it back

I was wrong to think that Canada's current minority government might actually be accomplishing something useful...

Our governmentÿs so-called ´justice¡ committee has voted to retain funding in a program that is approaching the $2 billion mark for costs - literally 1,000 X the original $2 million promised cost. Our governmentÿs ´justice¡ committee has voted to retain funding for a law (and related programs) that contains as many as 28 distinct Charter of Rights violations. That ´justice¡ committee would rather see the $25 million go to government waste and the infringement of rights than hiring border guards and keeping terrorists out of Canada.

Days of Infamy

In the first six to twelve months of a war with the United States and Great Britain I will run wild and win victory upon victory. but then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success.

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
Commander in Chief
Imperial Japanese Navy

The Commons at Paulie World... featuring Nathan Hale

"In the other ear, at the same time, no lie, the other Hubert was telling me that Sharon is only interested in killing all the Palestinians, and quoted the King of Jordan as proof! Ye gods! For this, I was called a hardhead who never listens."


Eliminating Threats

News Flash: The United States military makes its living by eliminating threats. Keep that in mind as you read this post.

Recently, Naomi Klein of the Guardian has accused the US of (via ISOU):

no longer bothering to conceal attacks on civilian targets and are openly eliminating anyone - doctors, clerics, journalists - who dares to count the bodies.
Whether intentional or not, the connotation of the word eliminating in this context implies something sinister.

Weapon of Mass Distraction

What Are We Doing in Ukraine?

The Associated Press has followed up on Rep. Ron Paul's lead: A new report indicates that the Bush administration has spent $65 million to get Viktor Yushchenko elected in Ukraine.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Homespun Symposium IV

Our fourth installment of the Homespun Symposium offers a question from Arthur Chrenkoff. Email a link to your responses to marvin at marvinhutchens dot com to be listed below as a respondent. Next week, Marc of Hubs and Spokes will present the question.

The question:

The war on terror and the war in Iraq have caused deep fissures through the international political landscape, but arguably not simply and predictably "left" versus "right"; after all, President Bush is allied with a social democrat Tony Blair and ex-communists of Eastern Europe, while the anti-war coalition is also a motley crew of American and British paleo-conservatives, European right (France) and left (Germany) and many others.

So what does it all mean? What is the new divide in international politics? And will it last?


Homespun Symposium Responses

Mud and Phud
Dagney's Rant
Mad Poets Anonymous
A Physicist's Perspective
Bunker Mulligan
The Commons at Paulie World... by Nathan Hale
The Radical Centrist
The Redhunter
Little Red Blog

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100th Blogger Joins!

Grizzly Mama is the 100th Homespun Blogger!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

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Homespun Bloggers Best Of December 5th, 2004


Be Thou At Peace....

Last night I posted that I had a friend whose husband was missing in Iraq......a typo. It was Afghanistan...I knew that, just typed Iraq instead.

This morning I found news of the missing aircraft on At that point, the reports were acknowledging that an aircraft was missing, but that an emergency locator beacon had been picked up, still leaving hope. Unfortunately by this afternoon, the beacon had been found at a crash site in the Hindu Kush mountains. The report was not optimistic, the word survivors wasn't used.


The worst polluter in the state of Washington

News reports indicate that a new source of pollution is choking the pristine airsheds of the state of Washington.

This new source of pollution is blatantly ignoring both state and federal air quality regulations while it daily spews out tons of carbon monoxide, CO2, NOX, and SOX. One news report indicated that this polluter is releasing as much as 250 tons of sulfur dioxide, ´the lung-stinging gas that causes acid rain and contributes to haze´, per day.

The Redhunter

Where are We? Part II

In the light of more research, it would appear that the pessimistic tone of the post I made immediately after the fall of Fallujah was not entirely warranted.

One key to victory ... may be within our grasp; killing them faster than they can replenish their ranks. Victor Davis Hanson points out that the al Qaeda terrorist in Iraq seem not to "...know the requisite numbers of dead or wounded Americans necessary to break the resolve of the United States...." They lack any military sophistication. Such an ignorance is quite in contrast to that of Mao Tse Tung or Ho Chi Mihn, for example, who were well versed in military theory.

The Terriorists

Wow! Finally a Homespun Bloggers question I can answer! Sort of…

"What, in your mind, represents the single greatest long-term threat to the United States of America, and what should be done about it?"

Okay--I think our greatest long-term threat are all those Schrodiner Demo-cats. Ya' know who I'm talkin' about--those Blue State people who think the Red Staters are livin' in some alternate universe and they're the only "reality based community."


Killing Babies...And Children

This is absolutely amazing...although sadly not surprising:

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - A hospital in the Netherlands - the first nation to permit euthanasia - recently proposed guidelines for mercy killings of terminally ill newborns, and then made a startling revelation: It has already begun carrying out such procedures, which include administering a lethal dose of sedatives.
In an obvious and pitiful attempt to muddy the waters:

Paulie World

A Needed Apology

This is a Paulie World insider story, but if one were of a mind, the following list alone should get one wondering:

Dan Rather
Hillary Clinton
Susan Estrich
Katie Couric
Elizabeth Edwards
Terry McAuliffe
Wayne Newton

With that, our correspondent Nathan Hale is back.

Rock on, dawgs.

Weapon of Mass Distraction

Is It Time For Christians to Give Up Christmas?

The descent of America into open paganism is disturbing, yes. But are Christians getting worked up over losing control of a "holy day" we were never commanded to celebrate in the first place?

Dagney's Rant

Contribution to Culture?

Yep, that is what they were being awarded for at the Kennedy Center gala [hat tip: Drudge Report] in D.C. last night;

"[Elton} John, opera diva Joan Sutherland, conductor John Williams and actors Warren Beatty (news), Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee were honored Sunday with a star-studded tribute at The Kennedy Center. The six recipients of the 27th annual Kennedy Center Honors were saluted for their lifetime contributions to American culture through the performing arts."

Homespun Bloggers Radio, Program #1 released!

One of the new projects here at Homespun Bloggers, in addition to the weekly Symposium questions, is a new audio stream program called (coincidentally enough) "Homespun Bloggers Radio". The first show is being officially released today, so listen in on some of our group. Over on the right sidebar, you'll see the Homespun Bloggers Radio button. Click it or the link beneath it ("Current Show(s)"), and you'll be hooked up via MP3 stream. The show loops, so if you catch it in the middle of the show, just hang in there, and you'll get back to the beginning.

As we start out, the format will pretty much be doing via audio stream what we do via web page; comment on issues of the day from our own perspectives. However, I'm hoping that as we get more comfortable with it (and with our sound hardware), we'll branch out a bit and throw in a few surprises.

Current Homespun Bloggers: If you want to be a part of this, E-mail me (Doug) at "frodo at thepaytons dot org". If you've got a sound card and microphone, you can get in on this. (Also see here and here for further information.)

Also, you can link to the current show from your own web page, to get the most exposure for the program. Copy the HBR button to your web site and use the following HTML to create the link:
<a href="">

<img border="0" src="[YOUR PICTURE FILE HERE]">

I have an example of this button and its functionality on "Considerettes".

Visitors: If you'd like to join Homespun Bloggers, just click on "What we're all about" over on the right, and you're just an E-mail away from joining. Then you, too, can be a part of this project.

The "Current Show(s)" stream will have the most recent 1 or 2 shows. In the future, there will be a second link, "Previous Programs", that will feature the 3-5 previous shows, so you can catch up if you missed any. In addition, you can download a high-quality version of the show, suitable for burning on CD. >grin< These links will be on the right-hand sidebar, below the "Best Of" archive. Not only are the downloadable shows of a higher quality than the audio stream, but there's a limit of 7 simultaneous streams on the server (sorry, bandwidth considerations) and no such limit on downloads.

We're always open to suggestions, so let us know what you think and how we can make it better. (Of course, the more contributors, the better, too!)

So click on the link, and listen to the first broadcast of Homespun Blogger Radio!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Stop The Presses!!

Homespun Bloggers has been nominated for the award of Best Online Community at the 2004 Weblog Awards! Go vote and help send us to victory =).


Members of Homespun Bloggers are also up for awards (sorry I missed some of you earlier). Go vote for them! And remember, you can vote once per day, so vote early and vote often!

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If any other members have been nominated let me know and I'll get you up here.

Ogre Nominated For Blog Award

Ogre's Politics & Views has been nominated for the Best of the Top 500 - 1000 Blogs.

Congrats on the nomination Ogre! Good luck.

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